You say people don’t look at your photos? Maybe I can help you out! There can be multiple reasons why people may not be interested in your photos or they may not find anything eye-drawing in your photos. Or they may not even want to look at your photos just because they are too meaningless or you know something that’s not worth it for a perfect photography.

Here are few insane tips that are easy to keep in mind and moreover kick-start your ‘clicks/views’ that your photos receive.

As you already know that there is not one mega reason behind nobody looking at your photos. They can be even uncountable sometimes! So to get rid of these let’s see what can help you-

  1. Using the right Settings– Setting the wrong settings or applying unsuitable settings may affect your views in a big way. Now when I say ‘settings’ I clearly mean the camera settings namely the ISOs, f-numbers and shutter speeds also the amount of light. These are also known as the Big 4 because these are going to make your photos awesome or awful to the public.


Okay let us say, you captured an image of a flower. Now that you already know how photographs of flowers look like, it is easy for you to tell that it’s a macro-photo. But assuming it as an example, if you make the mistake of selecting the hyper focus settings for your camera and you let all the unwanted background to be entering the scene, which moreover makes your photographs uninteresting.


You are probably applying the wrong f-number than what is actually required for the particular scene. Maybe you should have applied the f-number 4.0 instead of applying the f-number 8.0. Now, for example, you’re capturing the sunset. You probably would go for a lower ISO, a higher f-number and a slower shutter speed to get a brighter and a well-exposed image of the sunset. You can even go for these random settings- ISO 200, shutter speed 1.110s or 1/250s and f-number 8.0.

Using too much f-number can make your images noisier so don’t go crazy with f-numbers.


  1. Using the right Exposure Valueapplying the right exposure becomes really important when it comes to colourful photographs such as culture photography, portrait photography and even landscape photography. However, exposure can also be maintained in your software but maintaining the suitable metering only while clicking your photos can save your time. You won’t really have to waste your time behind setting the exposure of your image in the software when you already have the right exposure settings applied for your image.


  1. Using the right Tools– Choosing the right tool at the right time is again something you have to take into consideration while checking back on your photos. Check whether you have done only necessary editing of your photos and not stupid and unwanted edits for your clicks. For instance, you have an image of the aviation and you have an extra bird flying in your scene. You should be able to creatively remove that bird from the scene and make it look real and natural. As if nothing was really there before!

Well these are just basic and simple example that am showing you. You should able to accurately judge how your photos are going to look different from the real world. Great photos are great because of great photographers and their awesomely great editing skills.

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