That moment when you are ready to buy your first DSLR but you don’t know what to look for? Well here is what you have to do if you are looking for one. Photography is basically a very rare hobby and moreover an expensive one. So here are step by step instructions on buying your first DSLR and letting you know the downsides of a camera.

Be Budgeted

As you already know that photography is an expensive hobby, you got to be way more careful about expending too much money into your camera and ending up getting crap out of it. So your very first step is to be budgeted and stick with the price you can afford for your first camera. You get cheap cameras that provide you with best quality photographs and camera options with very little imperfections in them. Right next to it, you see overpriced cameras that don’t really get you great images and have major flaws in them but only with some countable great features that are not going to satisfy you besides these. So be a pro at knowing what is right for you and what do you really need in your first DSLR.

Cameras & Lenses

There is of course a lot you have to know about your camera but the very first thing you need to be aware is about the latest technology of lens and cameras. The lens technology doesn’t get updated so quickly as the technology in cameras. So don’t think of a one-time investment for a camera. But yes, you can think of it when buying a lens. Lenses work really great even when they are ancient. Buying a low-priced camera and a high-priced lens is going to balance your budget and give you great quality!


There are multiple types of cameras in the market among which Compact cameras and DSLRs are the most preferred ones. But among the two are the DSLRs which are highly preferred for various other reasons and quality photographs.

Compact cameras are great but have some flaws that keep them second on the list. The major reason is they have small sensors in them which don’t really give high-resolution photographs.

Having a small sensor not only means that the sensor is physically smaller in shape but it majorly concentrates on the number of pixels that sensor can read. A smaller sensor can read less number of pixels than a larger sensor. This limits the camera from identifying the colors in an image.

Colors are something really important that you are going to deal with if you are selling your photos online or offline. So forget about high-resolution and color in your photographs if you are going for a compact camera for photography. Nobody is going to look at your photos if you’re going to be that stingy about photography.

When buying a DSLR you have much more facilities and options available to you. You not only have a larger sensor but you also get the facility of interchangeable lenses. This enables you to attach a lens of your choice and the quality that you prefer. DSLR even provide you with a viewfinder in them that lets you know how your photographs are being focused and captured.

It is important for a photographer to know whether his/her camera is doing the right job and he/she must be able to correct its faults accurately. This is exactly what a DSLR looks after to make you a perfect photographer with the help of viewfinders.

More Features

DSLRs have a wider range of optical and digital features vs the compact camera features. They give you better ISOs, more f/numbers or apertures, faster shutter speeds that are responsible for image quality. Digital SLRs even give you more image stabilization or IS for your photos. Image stabilization helps you get rid of motion blur in your images.

Compact cameras too have these features but they don’t give you wider ranges. This is another reason why compact cameras are the least in demand. They have limited ISOs, limited exposure stops, slower shutter speeds and other boring features.


Where Do I Buy Them?

The commonest and the biggest problem that beginners face when buying their first camera is- where to buy them? When you go for online shopping for a camera the first problem that you face is multiple shopping stores. Here’s where I’ll help you figure out where you need to buy your first camera.

Amazon is one of the best online shopping sites around the web that can help you buy your first DSLR. According to my personal experience Amazon has always been the best online stores in delivering my product safely and on time. Well am not going start a war between these online stores here, but I would recommend you to prefer Amazon for buying any product online.

Adorama is another online store that can be a good place where you can buy better cameras for yourself. You can have a variety of cameras, lenses and other parts of the equipment like tripods and filters etc.

Bestbuy is another top online store where you can shop. Like Amazon and Adorama, Bestbuy can also be a better place where you can buy your first camera.


Are you ready to buy your first camera? Follow these tips and keep in mind the pros and cons of every feature that is going effect your photographs.

Well here’s last a tip. Don’t think cameras with higher MPs are better. If you do, then you’re totally wrong. More megapixels are not always better; the very reason is the sensor size. Fewer megapixels have larger sensors which allow more light to enter in your camera. More light in your camera is generally good thing because you get super quality images. And that’s like this-

Light comes into the camera through lens and is captured in the sensor. Sensor is a film that is sensitive to light. As the pixels on it detect light they capture it. If the sensor is larger it means the pixels are also larger. This means more light can be captured in each pixel.

Now in cameras that have higher megapixels have smaller sensors. This is bad for the quality of your images. So avoid higher megapixels and try looking for lower megapixels for quality photographs.

Thanks for reading this blog and please feel free to comment your queries down here. We’d be glad to answer them and help you get better at photography timely as you visit our blog!